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Four easy steps to become an assignment helper

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You will get the joy of sharing your subject expertise with students across the globe. You will help them learn better and score higher. And we mentioned earlier, you also get paid for it.

  • Q.Do I have to be certified tutor or a professor to be a member at site?
  • No there is no certification required, its free registration.

    Wide range of subjects to choose from:

    A wide range of subjects are given, you are recommended to choose subjects of your expertise.

    Famous Categories are given below:-

    • Accounting
    • Finance
    • Economics
    • Statistics
    • Management
    • Mathematics
    • MATLAB
    • Physics, Chemistry, Science
    • Engineering
    • Programming
    • Essay Writing

    You may choose maximum seven categories. Select your categories in descending order of your excellence in subjects.

    Show your previous experience Upload sample assignments and solutions.

    You may have option to show your previous experience in same field, you can upload sample assignments previously done by you. You have option to attach answer file along with requirement’s file to review your skills. We recommend you to provide requirement file as well along with solution otherwise your samples will be rejected by management team.

    In case you do not have previous experience or samples, just skip this step.

    Receive your subject's sample Assignment and submit us within due date. Enjoy.

    The operation team reviews your profile and provide you one sample assignment/project belong to your subject area, you have to fulfill the entire procedure and requirement and submit it within due date. The projects team reviews the quality of your workings, majorly noticed your grammar, accuracy, content quality, and errors.

    If your work is appreciated by projects team then you will get approval of live assignments or projects.

    Start helping students across the world Prepare Live Assignments/Projects.

    If your sample work is appreciated by projects team then you will get approval of verified member at Applyteachingjobs.com.

    You start receiving live projects and assignments along with amount to be paid for completion. We start sending assignments and you either accept or deny for those projects, we recommend you to accept only those projects where you feel 100% comfort to complete within deadline, you get paid for all assigned work monthly basis.

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