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Boost your career with online teaching jobs

There are some key competencies which are needed by the online educational tutors

Online Teaching Career Jobs

Online tutoring is the current developing trend in education. The online education was first offered in the year 1996 in the synchronous form of online teaching and since then many firms have started their operations in the online tutoring business. Online tutoring jobs can be easily availed on internet. A person who wants to be an online tutor fulfills the specific educational requirements. The career is very rewarding and can be conducted from the confines of the home also.

There are some key competencies which are needed by the online educational tutors. These are:

1. They must be able to support group learning within the technology parameter provided. No need is there for pictures or having face-to-face meetings.

2. The tutors must be able to understand scaffolding and weaving

3. They must be able to summarize the education provided and must also give their feedbacks on regular intervals.

4. The tutors must be able to classify the knowledge of the participants.

5. The tutors should be able to add knowledge and correct the misconceptions after specific time intervals.

6. Constantly move ahead after successfully closing off the discussions.

Summarizing the educational process means that the tutors must be able to acknowledge different ideas and contributions. He should also re-focus discussions, especially in cases where there are numerous postings and trainings. The signaling of closure, providence of fresh starting points, archive providence and reinforcing of important contributions or ideas are other essentials which are required by the tutors.

Weaving is the process of online tutoring where the tutor has to emphasize a point in order to show the wider applications it might have. He should also collect snippets form different messages and present them in an entirely new way by using his own thoughts. He should be able to correct the misunderstandings and insufficiencies and should also agree or disagree. He should highlight all the contributions which are not noticed by the group and should also correct all the insufficiencies and misunderstandings.


The staff for the online tutoring services is trained by using the online and they can also provide the training face-to-face to the new tutor. The tutor must model the posting behaviors that are expected of the students and participant. The focus during the training of tutors is on communication and e-moderating role. Scaffolding is used for demonstrating the movement of directed instructions to networked training.

The face-to-face training involves laying the attention and focus on peer dialogue which is held around transferable models. Practice is given in areas like weaving, feedback and summarization. The fellow tutors can be used as a resource when an obstacle occurs during the online development process.

Self-Led teams

The students are offered the roles of online facilitator after they have passed some time undergoing the teaching process and have become more experienced by working along with the online tutors. But for being successful collaborators, the students require some advice along with proper training. The training and advice given to Self Led teams comprise of:

1. Establishment of ground rules.

2. Steps taken to develop a shared sense of vision and specific purpose.

3. Allocation of tasks, responsibilities and roles.

4. Support offering

5. Communicating in a more open and frequent manner.

6. Meeting the deadlines.

7. Review of performance

8. Reflection of contributions.

The job of online tutoring can be done easily and all a person aspiring to be an online tutor requires is a PC and an internet connection. The job allows the tutor to interact with the student as per the teaching schedule. The tutor can teach single or multiple subjects. Most of the tutors opt for the subjects in which they have specialized degreed and diplomas. Along with teaching, the tutor also helps the student in his assignment, homework and other subject related queries. All the resources available on internet are available to the tutor who can further research on a subject by online searches or can also refer to the books and journals which are available in the libraries. The tutor has to undergo a specific amount of training which helps the tutor to gain new knowledge ideas and revise old subject knowledge. The compensations are highly attractive with online tutoring web services paying as much as 75% of the fess amount paid by the student to the tutors. Since the jobs can be done from home or even from a cyber café, they can be a source of part time income for any person who has suitable qualifications.