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Interest of becoming an Online Tutor

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Online Teaching

Online tutoring is imparting the education by the means of technological advancement through computer and broadband devices. It is similar to the generalised one-to-one tutoring, but having a little difference as the student and the tutor both communicate from their state of comfort, i.e. there are no time and place boundations.

There are various tools which help the tutor to teach the student and make the concepts clear, like text chatting, white board, verbal communication through voice chat, etc. There are specially designed chat rooms, so that the student teacher interface becomes easier and feasible too. With the advent of internet it is possible to communicate to the tutor whom we do not know personally.

Interest of becoming an Online Tutor

Online tutoring provides a great opportunity, to earn extra income sitting at home. It makes the use of the spare time, as well as the appropriate use of the skills which are inherent in the tutor. Moreover, it is convenient to do online tutoring from the comfort and freedom of place and time. Online tutoring allows a handsome income which is based on your calibre and skills in specified subjects irrespective of your full time jobs earning.

Online Tutoring requires following instruments:

• Personal computer- It is the basic requirement for teaching online, so that the student can be contacted to the native place.
• Internet or broad-band connection- It is required for the interface between tutor and the student.
• Communication skills- These are required to explain tutors’ ideologies and thought process in understanding of topic and making the student comfortable with it.
• Microphone and Head Set- These are the accessories, of online tutoring so that the communication is feasible.
• Pen Tablet- This is important for the implementation of features, required for online teaching.

Advantages of Online Tutoring

• No need for travelling outside, for tutoring- Tutor needs to work from their comfort as the interaction is not personal, and is done through internet.
• Flexibility of time- Tutors can work according to their time specifications, or shifts in which they want to work.
• Alternate source of income- It can a secondary source of income, for the professionals and can earn a pocket money for the students.
• No visual interaction- There is no visual interaction between the tutor and the student, so tutor can refer through books and other references.

Roles of online Tutor

• Tutor as a Subject Expert - Tutor has to play the role of an expert, fill the gaps or misunderstandings and to supplement with self-study material.
• Tutor as a Guide or Coach – Tutor plays the role of a mentor, counsellor or guide by encouraging, challenging, and providing constructive feedback.
• Tutor as an Examiner/Accessor – Tutor plays the role of accessor to examine the mistakes of the student.

Differences between Online Tutoring and One To One Tutoring

In both, online and face to face tutoring similarity is that they both are having the same motive and goal, i.e. to impart the education and encourage interaction. But the difference lies in the mode of achieving the goal, as online tutoring is the advanced technique involving modern pedagogy, and tools provided.

Reasons behind the success of Online Tutoring
• Easy to access, convenient and affordable too.
• Good medication for shy students, who have fear of speaking in class.
• One-to-one teaching which pays extra attention to the student.
• Perceive, Recognition and interpretation of online behaviour
• Scaffolding- It means involvement with the tutor presumed to be well qualified and well trained for online teaching and is appropriate for the discussion and problem solving.