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I am a mathematician, tutor and published author. I have been doing online tutoring for years, including coaching graduating students. This includes tutoring over, for example, Skype.

My subjects include for example statistics, probability theory, calculus, combinatorics, discrete maths, numerical methods and simulations. Applications include mechanics, signal processing, econometrics, control theory, physics, biomechanics and medicine. I am proficient in programming in the languages Matlab/Octave, Python, Java, PHP, C/C++ and R.

I am very interested in working with you, should you need resources in these areas.

Short bio:
I have an Master's degree in Engineering Physics with a major in mathematical statistics and systems theory and 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry. My works include the book "Design of Modern Communication Networks" including some 200 algorithms (Academic Press, 2014).

I am always available to receive mail, and I am attentive to detail, deadlines and quality. I am proficient in Matlab/Octave, R, Python, PHP, Java and C/C++.

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